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Monte Justesen

Barbara (Kayajanian) Garabedian

Franklin & Anne Laemmlen

John & Joan Rice

Lester & Roberta Jorgensen

Bob & Fujie Robesky

Sam & Laurie Spencer

Mac & Keiko (Yamashita) Nishimoto

Bob & Carol (Roys) Walsh

Janet Futrell + 2

Yvette Ehn

Walter Philipp

Larry & Midori (Nakagawa) Iwasaki

Ray Lozano

John Galle + 1

Pat (Riley) Robertson

Georgia (Spurlock) Woodard + 1

Mich Miyamoto

Nori Hashimoto

Marvin Crum

Joyce (Clemons) & Pete Garachana

Bernice (Alvarado) Orozco

Michelle (Portillo) Tomelty

Fern (Irwin) Facchino

Janice (Kroeker) Sundstrom

Maggie (Gowen) & Charles R Patterson

Roy & Addie Nicholas

Louis Saffell

Mary Lou Nevins

Harold & Linda Martens


     Not Attending…

Wanda (Simonson) Chamberlin

Richard Fisher

Dorothy (White) Mead

Arlene (Foster) Peach

Wayne Kady

Viola (Betts) Buckner

Mervilyn (McClurg) Reddick

Diana (Lee) King

Ken Kurokawa

Don Harms

Sharon Gobbi

Judy Jones

John Issak


     No Address…

Burrel Taylor

Hilda Neufeld Kahn

Shirley Wall Tulberg

Charles Hart

Dorothy McCapes Cline

Neva Stucky Celeya

Tracy Brogan

The next reunion is, tentatively, going to happen on the 3rd of August. Get ready to join us. More info as soon as I have any…

The reunion was yesterday and I think everyone had a good, err great, time. I know I did… When will there be another? Who knows. Maybe never. Certainly not next weekend.

We should all thank Midori, Yvette, Janice, Georgia and Keiko for their hard work getting the reunion organized.

Also, thank Les for leading us in prayer and Sam for keeping us awake with his humor.

Happy Halloween!

The 80th Birthday party, or 62nd Reunion, is being held at Tornino’s Banquets, 5080 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno CA on Saturday, October 14th 2017 between 10am and 3pm. You may dress as you will though some clothes are recommended.

Nearby places to stay:

Best Western Plus Fresno Inn         Courtyard Fresno         Ramada Inn Fresno North

480 E Shaw                                       140 E Shaw Ave             324 E Shaw Ave

(844) 280-1641                                 (855) 499-0001             (559) 892-1366

            We will see you there…

And, oh yeah, thanks Sam for reminding me to post this; though it’s almost too late. As someone once said: “Better late than never.” Though I’m not exactly sure what that really means.

Who’s attending…

Sam & Laurie Spencer
Monte Justesen
Sam & Anita Ayoob See “Pirates at Rest…
Georgia (Spurlock) Woodard & Phil Greffin
Yvette (Smith) Ehn
Franklin & Anne Laemmlen
Mary Lou Nevins
Louis & Joanne Saffell
Ken & Karen Kurakawa
Bob & Pat (Riley) Robertson
Carrie (Roys) & Bob Walsh
Michio Miyamoto
Jan (Kroeker) Sundstrom
Bob & Fujie Robesky
Keiko (Yamashita) & Mac Nishimoto
Nori Hashimoto
Midori (Nakagawa) & Larry Iwasaki
John & Joan Rice
Barbara (Kayajanian) Garabedian
Mona (Tannehill) Landrith
John Gallee & 1 other
Marvin Crum
Loretta Hines
Les & Roberta Jorgensen
Roy & Addie Nicholas
Maggie (Gowen) & Charles R Patterson
Fern (Irwin) Facchino
Joyce (Clemens) & Pete Garachana

Officially NOT attending…

Wanda (Simonson) Chamberlin
Arlene (Foster) Peach
Marilyn (Himamon) Harms
Wayne Kady
Don Harms
Paul Heppner
Peter Contreras
Janet Futrell (Lee)
Hilda Neufeld
Shigeko (Tatami) Kagawa
Carleata (Hull) Jensen

And, what are the rest of you waiting for… make a positive show-up decision!