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The reunion was, I believe, a success. At least I haven’t heard any complaints yet, but then they wouldn’t be directed at me. Midori is the keeper of complaints. I hope that this time she didn’t/doesn’t get any.

I left before it was over so I have no idea how long it lasted.

Mac and Keiko danced for us. Yvette and Janice, and their group, clogged for us. Great fun and I think folks enjoyed it.

The “Virtual” reunion was a total disaster. No one videoed in. Which I guess means it was a bad idea to begin with and will be scrapped.

Also, name tags should have been provided. That they were not is my fault. Les called me the week before and I said “Nope. We don’t need them. We know who everyone is.” Wrong. Next time, if there is a next time, name tags.

Some folks who paid didn’t show up. Sorry we missed you; maybe next time.