Nope! It’s the Navelencia 4-H Club, circa 1949.
The boys, and one girl, of Navelencia 4-H, 1949
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This photo was emailed to me today by Julynne Palmer and it shows the members of the Navelencia 4H club in 1949. Not that I remember it, but Julynne does and that’s all that matters.

Certainly a nice looking group, wouldn’t you say? I especially like the cuffs. And, now I know where I got my sense of style.

Back Row: Deloy Looper, Ronnie Rivera, Jim Reed, Roger Weldon, Tom Kovacevich?, Richard Brackney, Bob Robesky, Clyde Clark, Duane Palmer, Richard Prinz
Front Row: David Robesky, Jack Clark, Leslie Parker, Tommy Case, Carl Shultz, Julynne Palmer, Doug Weldon, ??, Larry Parker*

Also, if you look closely in the lower right hand corner of the photo, there is a dog of unknown, to me, breed and name. Who is that dog? And why is he/she sniffing around? Probably because that’s what dogs do.

* ?? means I don’t know who the person is. ? means I am unsure if I added the correct name to the person. I think they call it slippage.

[Update] Julynne has just supplied all but one, well two, (there were 10) of the missing names. So, a mystery remains: who is standing between Doug Weldon and Larry Parker; what’s the dog’s name?