Top Row: Marybell Compton, Janita Collins, Kenneth Morrison, Mr Borden, Bob Robesky, Jim Reed, Vonda Benedetti, Deloy Looper
Bottom Row: Richard Watkins, Richard Prinz, Tom Case, Richard Fisher, Ofelia Rico, Duane Palmer, Sharon Gobby


The program autographed by the “stars” of the class.


Graduation Program . Navelencia Union . June 5, 1951
I. Selections . School Orchestra
II. Welcome . Tommy Case
III. Clara Barton Founder of the Red Cross in America . Vonda Benedetti
IV. Brief Outline and History of 4H Club Work . Duane Palmer
V. Piano Solo . Waltz of the Flowers . Sharon Gobby
VI. Ameria and what it means to You . Deloy Looper
VII. Education and its Progress . Sharon Gobby
VIII. Accordian Solo . Sharpshooter’s March . Vonda Benedetti
IX. Story of George Washington Carver . Bob Robesky
X. Songs by the Girls Glee Club . Bells of St Mary . Beautiful Dreamer
XI. Class Will . Janita Collins
XII. Clarinet solo . Clarinet Polka . Deloy Looper
XIII. Address . T. R. ?ickle . Supt. Reedley Elementary Schools
XIV. Presentation of Class . W. Borden
XV. Presentation of Diplomas . Mr. Thayer S Palmer . Clerk of the Board of Trustees

Class motto: Success Rewards Study
Class colors: Blue and Gold

The list of graduates which is the same as the graduation picture, so why repeat it.