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Yes, we are holding a 60th reunion. It will be held at Tornino’s Banquets, 5080 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno on October 10th starting at 9am* and ending at 3pm. Brunch will be served starting at 11am.

Save the date and join us. You never know but this might be the last one.

Though I hope not…

Important Update: The Reunion Notice letters have been sent today: 17 March 2015, otherwise known as St Patrick’s Day. Midori and Yvette spent hours stuffing, addressing, and stamping envelopes so don’t disappoint them. Show up! It’s too late to grow up. Or…is it?

Who’s coming? Of course, I mean to the reunion…what did you think I meant?
(As of 16 July 2015*)
Monte Lee and Joan Justesen – #1. He wins the potted tulip.
Ken and Karen Kurokawa
Carleata Hull (Jensen)
Lola (Lowry) and Bud Anderson
Midori (Nakagawa) and Larry Iwasaki
Barbara Kayajanian (Garabedian)
Nori Hasimoto
Roy and Addie Nicholas
John and Joan Rice
Bob and Patricia (Riley) Robertson
Bob and Fujie Robesky
Sam and Laurie Spencer
Georgia Spurlock (Woodard) and Phil Griffen
Bernice Alvarado (Orozco)
Yvette Smith (Ehn)
Michio Miyamoto
Paul and Jeanne Heppner
Harold and Linda Martens
Peter Contreras + 1
Kieko (Yamashita) and Mac Nishimoto
Judy Jones (Agundez)
Sam and Anita Ayoob
Doug Wedel + 1
Franklin & Anne V Laemmien
Marion Wiest (Jones)
Don Harms
Carol (Roys) and Bob Walsh
Loretta Hinz (Vinogradov)
Clementine Montes (Kaiser)
Janice Kroeker (Sundstrom)
John Galle + 1
Les & Roberta Jorgensen
Joyce (Clemons) and Pete Garachana
* Names are listed in the order received.

* Les J (our President, in case you forgot), who has the honor of being almost the last to join the reunion, has pointed out an error: The reunion begins at 9am NOT 11am as originally posted. Which means you have to get up 2 hours earlier. Sorry about that! Yawn…time for a nap.

Special Guests
Marylee Balzer – Norman Balzer’s wife
Hatsumi Yamakawa Park – Fujie Robesky’s sister

There are now 56 of us…Come on, get your a**es in gear and join us!
And, you better hurry… There are only 1000 998 seats left and they’re going slowly.

Who’s NOT attending
Arlene Foster (Peach)
Janet Futrell (Lee)
Franklin Laemmlen
Mervilyn McClure (Reddick)
Marilyn Hinamon (Harms)
Hilda Neufeld (Kahn)
Wanda Simonson (Chamberlain)
Shigeko Tatami (Kagawa)
Betty Teal (Pike)
Richard Toler
Sue Osgood (Anderson)
Viola Betts

Nearby Hotels
Courtyard Fresno . 140 E Shaw Ave
Ramada Fresno North . 324 E Shaw Ave
Best Western Plus . 480 E Shaw Ave


NEW! Photos From The Reunion < -- Click the blue text to view the photos. [It's up to you to provide the names, and, if you do, let me know who is whom.]

The reunion was, I believe, a success. At least I haven’t heard any complaints yet, but then they wouldn’t be directed at me. Midori is the keeper of complaints. I hope that this time she didn’t/doesn’t get any.

I left before it was over so I have no idea how long it lasted.

Mac and Keiko danced for us. Yvette and Janice, and their group, clogged for us. Great fun and I think folks enjoyed it.

The “œVirtual” reunion was a total disaster. No one videoed in. Which I guess means it was a bad idea to begin with and will be scrapped.

Also, name tags should have been provided. That they were not is my fault. Les called me the week before and I said “Nope. We don’t need them. We know who everyone is.” Wrong. Next time, if there is a next time, name tags.

Some folks who paid didn’t show up. Sorry we missed you; maybe next time.

Les has informed me that Yvette and a few of her friends will “clog” at the reunion.

I have no idea what “clogging” is, except that, in this case, I don’t think it has anything to do with arteries. I believe it is some kind of dancing.

This ain’t the “Yvette Cloggers”. This is another group of “cloggers”.

Bring your video cameras. It should be fun. Or, so I’m told.


Grand Occasions,  4584 West Jacquelyn, Fresno, CA 93722

[Click on the map to view full size]


Friday, September 17th 2010


4-6pm – Social hours which I guess means talk to each other. Also, the "Virtual" reunion will be held during this time. Use Skype video to contact attending friends during this period.  The Skype contact is reedley55

4:30-5:30pm – Hors d’oeures, or what we used to call snacks.

6-7:30pm – Dinner. What’s on the menu? I have no idea.

7:30-10pm – More social and dancing. Dancing? WTF! I have no idea who, or what, is providing the music. Maybe we are supposed to just stand close together, wave our hands, and sing old songs. I promise not to either sing or dance unless I am really, really drunk. The "Virtual" reunion may, or may not, be alive during this period.

10pm-??? – You’re free to do whatever it is you do when there’s nothing left to do.


Preferably. No ties please. No suits please. Casual, like in jeans and a shirt. And guys…NO shorts unless you have a tan. No one wants to look at white, pasty, hairless, wrinkled legs. At least I don’t. Ugh!

eMail contact:


There will be no nametags and no "official" photos will be taken.

If you don’t know who someone is, ask. If you’re unsure who you are, ask and if someone doesn’t know, you’re probably in the wrong room.

If you want pictures, bring a camera.

This postcard will be sent to non-attendees early next week.

I will configure the Video cam the day before the reunion so you can get signed on.

Change of plans: I don’t feel like printing a bunch of postcards for folks who couldn’t even bother to respond. So… if you have an email address, I will notify you by email: maybe! If you don’t, and you don’t check this site, you will never know.

More later…again maybe!