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Category: Site-ings

I have made a couple more changes to the website.

1) You can now change the Theme, that is, the look of the site. Select the dropdown on the right side of the page under, guess what, Pick a Theme. I expect to add more themes in the next few weeks.

2) You may subscribe to a newsletter of new posts by myself, and, maybe, other classmates.

I have simplified this website:

1. No more individual pictures. If you don’t know what you, or I, look like it’s too late to worry about it and an old photo won’t do you, or me, any good.

2. No more class database. No one used it anyway. Just keep sending those changes to Midori; she loves keeping track of us all.

3. No more information about Reedley, Reedley High School, or Reedley College. Their websites are available by Googling them.

4. I have added a R.I.P (Rest in Peace) Category which, I hope, fills up slowly. So… if you’re dead, be sure to let me know and I will add you to the list. Of course, if I’m the one that is dead, no one will be added to the list because there won’t be anyone here to add him, or her, to the list. And this site will be, itself, dead.

5. Please note that there is a complaint Whine Category. Which means you can complain whine, or make a confession and, maybe, be forgiven.

6. Also, I should note, that some things do not yet work correctly. Which should point you to item 5. I will fix them as I have time.

7. Oh, yeah, you must register, or re-register, to post an item, or to add a comment. The Meta header on the right side of the screen will lead you down the path and into the woods.

8. Finally… I may change the look of this site at any time. It should operate as expected though; whatever that means.