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Category: Class & Reunion

imagePicadilly Inn in Fresno? I think so.

And, who is Clarence, now Bud, hitting on? Does it matter at this point? I think not!

Top row:Deloy Looper, Peter Contreras, Larry Sanders, Howard Fielding, John Seaman, Robert Bergen, John Rice, Elvie Hagen, Jimmy Pauls, Bob Pazin, Walter Phillip, Dan Baker, ???, Don Case.

Now it’s your turn…

07.24.05 This photo has one side cut off. I will change it shortly.

imageThis reunion was held at Bruce’s Lodge; the place with the plane artfully crashed into the roof. I even remember parts of it; or so I keep telling myself.

As far as the photo goes, I really like the swaying light fixtures: it fits my mystic catholic soul; actually, it sort of represents the evening.

Top row: Floyd Parker, Dan Baker, Bob Robertson, Don Case, Robert Bergen, Don Casto, George Jadoon, John Galle.

And, now it’s your turn…