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Category: Class & Reunion

Photo Slideshow from the 60th Reunion < -- Click the blue text to view the photos/slideshow.

These are copies of the photos taken at the reunion. You should have received a CD by now; if not, notify Midori, or leave a comment below.

NOTE: To Exit the Slideshow at any time simply close the browser window.

Photos from the 55th Reunion < -- Click the blue text to view the photos/slideshow.


This collage was given to me by Myrna Hunter, I think. If I’m wrong let me know who it was.

Note: The full image does not scroll correctly in Internet Explorer. May I recommend that you download, and install, the FireFox browser. If you aren’t sure how to install it ask you son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter. They know.

image Head shots from the reunion. See the “Slide Show” for unedited versions of these photos.

Many of these photos were taken by me at the 45th reunion and are presented here unedited and untitled and unanything else you can think of.

Some folks are blurry; some folks closed their eyes; some folks looked off camera at that spot on the wall; some folks didn’t get their picture taken, right Les?, right Yvette? I will try to do a better job this year, so wake up, open your eyes, and look at the camera. Oh, yeah, and remember to say…

I wonder if that same chair, and plant, will be there this year? If it is, I will be sure to give them a page of their own.

Other, group photos, were provided by Midori.