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Monte Justesen

Sam & Laurie Spencer

Janet Futrell

Barbara (Kayajanian) Garabedian

Georgia (Spurlock) Woodard

Walter Philips

Larry & Midori (Nakagawa) Iwasaki + Bob

Mary Lou Nevins

Ken & Karen Kurokawa

Bob & Fujie Robesky

Franklin & Anne Laemmien

Carol (Roys) Walsh + 1

Don Harms

Mac & Keiko (Yamashita) Nishimoto

Bernice (Alvardo) Orozco

Louis & Joanne Saffell

Nori Hashimoto

John Galle + 1

Fern (Irwin) Facchino

Responded but NOT Attending:

Richard Toler

Mervilyn (McClurg) Reddick

Janet (Whitlock) Berg

Arlene (Foster) Peach

Sharon Gobbi

Patrica (Riley) Robertson

Paul Heppner

Marilyn (Hinamon) Harms

Judy (Jones) Agundez

Wrong Address:

Dan Baker

Marlene (Barkman) Brooks

Clementine (Montes) Kaiser

Carleata (Hull) Jensen

Freddie (Moritz) Peterson

James McNeil

Betty (Sawatsky) Dancer

Joyce (Clemons) Garachana

NO Response:

I’ve heard that the food, especially the meat, is a bit unusual…

will be held at Tornino’s in Fresno on October 7, 2020. More info when I have more.

The reunion was a success yesterday except for those who signed up and didn’t show up. What’s up with that? I will post a Class photo as soon as I receive one. Also, the vote is to have another reunion next year hopefully in October rather than August. More when I know more; or less if I don’t.

Hope all those who got a pen enjoy using them. Any problems let me know.